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enScore What?

GST Returns
TDS Returns + 26 AS Reconciliation
Financial Closing and Cosolidiation
GL Reconciliation and Account Reconciliations
Inter Company and Franchise Reconciliations
Business Performance and Compliance Health Scores
eInvoice for IRP and Eway Bill Generation
Integrated Invoice and Business Funding


Streamline Your Financial Analysis with enScore's Comprehensive and Intuitive Bank Statement Analyzer, Financial Statement Analyzer, GST Analyzer, and ITR Analyzer Tools

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Bank Statement Analyzer by enScore gives you detailed and quick overview on cash inflow and outflow of bank transactions over a period. It gives you the visibility into credit, Loan Obligations, Cheque return, Savings Investment, High Value Transactions. As Bank Statement serve as proof of income it is most trustworthy source document for a Bank, Lending Company or any NBFC to decide whether to lend or not by assessing the creditworthiness of the borrower company.

Analyze discrepancies across Sales ledger and ITC claim and more. Snapshot of supplier compliance health and unclaimed ITC

ITR Analyzer tool gives you the 360-degree visibility of your financials with simple interface with quick analysis of ITR Form 3/5/6 upto last 3 years.

enScore High Level Process Flow

enscore diagram
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Multi-source I/P

Quick setup with any source system with multiple integration options

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Automate feeding

enScore auto fetches GSTR, Bank Statements, orders & invoices from source applications.

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Intelligent transformations

Transformation & analysis performed on each data set, irrespective of bank, ledger formats.

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Improve Cashflow

Advanced analytics dashboard with insights to improve cashflow & single point lender connect for comparative lending

Offering Unmatched Advantages



Automated (end-2-end) GSTR-1

  • bankicon 60% reduced IT effort in extracting data with converters & all-India loads
  • bankicon 7x less effort in processing pan-India data at once with advanced rules, reconciliations and process automation

Advanced 2B Reconciliation

  • bankicon 3x more efficiency with advanced matching
  • bankicon Collaborative mismatch processing applications - Integrated payment clearance

Audit - Proof 3B

  • bankicon 100% accuracy. Claim ITC based on reconciliation outcomes either based or Purchase ledger or 2B.
  • bankicon Know your unclaimed ITC with advanced dashboard widgets

enScore - Collaborative WorkFlow

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Why Integrated Complaince

Compliance Health Monitoring for Tax & Compliance heads

  • bankicon  Filing & Processing status
  • bankicon  ITC Ledger
  • bankicon  Cash Ledger
  • bankicon  Cash and ITC Balance
  • bankicon  Liability Balance
  • bankicon  Liability Ledger
  • bankicon  Pending ITC by GSTIN
  • bankicon  Mismatch by Supplier
  • bankicon  Unclaimed ITC by GSTIN

Accuracy and Precision with always up to date rules and reporting requirements

  • bankicon  Accuracy with monthly returns reduces repeat work by 160%. Also avoid notices and audits.
  • bankicon  Leave the notices to us, we shall address notices for free for the finalized reports. Just make sure to give all the right data.
  • bankicon  In-Time ITC. Tax technology enabled services with us are not just about filings, Its also about 150% ROI.

Managed Services - Always available!

  • bankicon  Indirect taxation and related reconciliations
  • bankicon  Cross-border trade compliance
  • bankicon  ITC and scheme maximizer
  • bankicon  Direct taxation
  • bankicon  TDS/TCS filings and related reconciliations
  • bankicon  Corporate filings
  • bankicon  Corporate compliance calendar
  • bankicon  Occurrence based forms filings

Taxilla - The RegTech Platform differentiators

  • 1. 200+ Validation rules for error free processing
  • 2. Advanced computational and algorithmic rules for accurate reporting
  • 3. Prepare data coming in from multiple systems and multiple files; uploaded centrally or by location.
  • 1.Enable continuous reconciliations for incremental data. Pre-qualified data for reconciliations.
  • 2. Up-to 80% reduction in manual efforts with advanced algorithmic matching
  • 3. Integrated Clearance Apps for mis-match processing with BPM and option to collaborate.
  • 1.Collaboratively share workflow steps across partners
  • 2. Document Sharing with collaborative actions
  • 3. Ledger Sharing with collaborative actions

enReport data flow for GSTR - 1, 2B and 3B

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