Delivering diverse
Reconciliation Applications for every enterprise requirement on an on-demand cloud for most accurate and efficient matching.

  • Bank
    Identify discrepancies in cheque issued or missing transaction by Comparing the transaction recorded in your ledger with bank statements.
  • Intercompany
    Save hassle by effectively collecting and transforming data from multiple sources & formats ( .json , .csv , .xlsx etc.) for reconciliation process.
  • Vendor
    Improve financial reporting accuracy, reduce payment errors, enhance vendor relationships, and increase efficiency in accounts payable management by identifying and resolving discrepancies in vendor accounts.
  • Sales
    Save time & money by batch processing large volume of sales data with financial reports to avoid discrepancies resulting from pricing errors, discounts, or taxes.
  • Payment
    Reduce risk of fraudulent transactions and improve cash flow management by reconciling the payment with corresponding transactions in companies' financial records.
  • Compliance Reconciliation Avoid penalties or fines for non-compliance by ensuring that financial records and transactions comply with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies and procedures.
  • Vendor Ledger Reconciliation Identify and resolve discrepancies in vendor accounts, ensure accurate financial reporting, reduce the risk of overpayment to improve relationship with vendors.
  • AR Reconciliation
    Ensure accurate financial reporting, reduce bad debt risk, and improve cash flow management through AR Reconciliation
  • Insurance Premium Reconciliation Identify errors in policy information and avoid potential coverage issues. Thus, reducing the risk of under or overpayment of premiums, and improving cash flow management.
  • Inventory Reconciliation Reduce risk of overstocking or under-stocking by reconciling the inventory count with the inventory record, to catch discrepancies.
  • Order Level Reconciliation Enhance visibility into the order-to-cash process and increase operational efficiency.
  • 26 AS
    Mitigate the risk of fines & penalties by automating 26AS Reconciliation.
  • Marketplace Reconciliation Marketplace reconciliation to meet bank compliances. Reconciliations done at an order level for customer payments as well as charges levied and debited in case of returns. Order Level Reconciliations done based on UTR Number.

Advanced Reconciliation Technology

Configure enterprise reconciliations once and run at any frequency with 360-degree automation.

Prepare & Qualify Data

  • Connect the data sources
  • Apply Data Transformation and Validations
  • Prequalify data ready for efficient matching


  • Straight Matching Criterion
  • Tolerance Rules Criterion
  • Confidence & Probability Matching
  • Algorithmic Matching


  • Matches, filtered as per match criteria
  • Ability to accept any party record
  • Force match an unmatched record / Un-match an
    algorithmic match

Alerts & Collaboration

  • Automated alerts and notifications with
    mismatch reports
  • Complete audit trail
  • Collaborative dispute resolution

Make it possible to measure, quantify and even predict risk before clearing a transaction in real time or near real time.

High performance API

  • Match and clear transactions with high performance and high availability APIs. Create and publish customized bi-directional APIs for easy integration and maintenance

Quantitative Analysis

  • Apply advanced risk computation rules for transaction compliance processing. Multi-way matching. Measure transactional risk.Alerts and risk reporting.

Our Key Clients

Savings with end-to-end automation

Integrate, transform and qualify data for effective reconciliations.


With low-code creator, publish, test and run reconciliations without depending on IT teams


Just pay as you use! Super savings with minimum capital expense and zero licensing fee.

Efficiently manage operational risk

Manage Operational Risk at every level to prioritize and track


Collaborative Dispute Processing across Intra and Inter-company


Improved efficiency with superior any-to-any N-way matching

Take smarter decisions, faster

Seamlessly Connected Front, Middle and Back Offices


Drive Faster actions with alerts, workflow & shared ledgers


Take smarter decisions with dashboards